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  • Battery: Rechargeable unit with cradle – 36 hours of battery life.
  • Status Indicators: Power, GPS, GSM Status
  • Alert Notification: Receive alert notification for device battery life, on/off, and SOS calls.
  • Central Station Integration: Full integrations with many  leading Central Station software.
  • GPS: Reports coordinates to the Central Station. Ability to see the location history of the device.
  • SOS Call: Clear two-way voice communication and GPS tracking to the Central Station.
  • Two-way Voice: Built-in speaker phone –  exceptional two-way voice communication.

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SKU: HLP-Mobile1

Product Description

Home PERS Device

Personal Freedom.  is for the user on the go.  Coverage is nationwide.  Communicate directly through the two-way voice, water-resistant pendant.  The pendant is small and lightweight.

The pendant is excellent for individuals that are aging in place, mobile health, tele-health, lone worker protection, child safety & protection, first responders and law enforcement, etc…

Enjoy independent living with the mobile response system.


-Compatibility: GSM Cellular Networks
-Coverage: Nationwide using AT&T network
-Water resistant pendant
-Two-way voice communication
-Small and Lightweight: 2 oz.

mobile PERS device

Plan Information

First payment upon ordering device on website. You will be billed on the 1 month , or 1 year anniversary of sign up depending on if you select the monthly or yearly subscription option. Cancel at any time. If you cancel you will need to return the device.